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    Kilwins Milwaukee - Bayshore

    Kitty gets to make chocolate fudge at Kilwins!! Kitty was able to learn the secrets to scratch made chocolate fudge. We had such an amazing time at Kilwins Bayshore in Milwaukee, and got to sample some of their delicious chocolates (along with the fudge). So good!
    Their customers have come to know and love them as “My Kilwins” and share Kilwins with friends and family.

    Semolina MKE
    Kitty was invited to learn how to make pasta from scratch at Semolina MKE in the heart of Bay View, Wisconsin. Petra took Kitty on a mini tour of Italy showing her the finer details of pasta making, then Kitty helped Petra make her special sauce. So Good!!
    Semolina MKE has a mission "To carry on the best aspects of old world pasta traditions through the use of fresh local ingredients, sustainable practices and community nourishment."
    Stop by and visit Semolina MKE, tell them Kitty sent you.


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