Season Two

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    Kitty was invited by Chef Greg to learn how to make some of the most luxurious chocolate mousse ever using just 4 ingredients!
    Amilinda is located in the heart of Downtown Milwaukee, with an absolutely beautiful atmosphere. Inspired by the flavors of Spain & Portugal, Chef Gregory León crafts his dishes using locally sourced ingredients paired with specialty items from the Iberian Peninsula. A limited menu that changes weekly offers a variety of flavors and options that keeps you coming back.

    Egg & Flour
    Kitty was able to go into the kitchen of Chef Adam Pawlak, as seen on Hell's Kitchen Season 19 -- putting some respect to Milwaukee's culinary name. Chef Adam was gracious with his time to give Kitty some tips and training on making a few of his restaurant's specialties. Kitty got to make a Caesar salad, pesto, and for the finishing touch Bacon Mac and Cheese.
    Born and raised with Italian heritage and cuisine a part of daily life, Chef Pawlak brings that passion and style of cooking to every dish at Egg & Flour. Diners should expect to taste that very passion in every bite; every ingredient locally sourced, pasta created by hand with traditional tools and sauces prepared not only by perfected recipes, but, by taste.

    PS, I Love You

    Cameron is the owner of "PS, I Love You" Pastries and Baked Goods, and was kind enough to come into our kitchen to show us how to make them. These Madeleines are light, fluffy and just a hint of sweetness -- and fantastic with a cup of coffee (or milk for Kitty). Cameron derived this recipe from Madeleines he had in Germany and taught Kitty how easy it is to make something so elegant. He started baking alongside his grandmother at just 5 years old and fell in love with it. The "PS" in PS, I Love You is for his grandmother, Phoebe Sue, who passed away in 2019.
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    Shake Shack
    Shake Shack invited Kitty to come learn some new skills in their kitchen. We cannot thank Shack Shake, Ari, Ingrid, and the entire staff enough for their time and hospitality. Kitty made two amazing shakes -- a Cherry Pop Shake and a Triple Chocolate Shake -- both were as tasty as they sound. Then she slid around to the grill and assembled a Shake Shack burger and their newest chicken sandwich the Hot Honey Chicken. We cannot stress enough how good this chicken sandwich is, the chicken is coated in a honey sauce then completed with habanero cream sauce, lettuce and tomato. Of course the meal isn't complete without some crinkle fries topped with warm cheese -- as Kitty says "So good!"


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